Nowadays, American Roulette is available in almost all the casinos. However, originally, the game was originated in Europe. In 1800’s, this gambling game became world famous and was played in every casino. However, there are certain dissimilarities between the European and American Roulette.

Roulette is a wheel with certain numbers and two colors. The croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball. In this game, the gamblers have to guess the number where the ball will land after the wheel stops.

European Roulette consists of numbers from 1 to 36 with a single zero, whereas the American Roulette has numbers from 1 to 37 with double zero. Therefore, the chances of winning in European Roulette are more as compared to American Roulette.

The betting system is same in both the Roulette versions, but the chances differ due to layouts. Gamblers can make use of 12 types of betting. In these betting types, there are two categories inside and outside bets.

Straight up, street, corner, split, trio and six lines are the types of inside bets. These bets consist of only numbers. Whereas, the outside bets include dozen, red or black, 19 to 36, 1 to 18, odd or even and row bets. Outside bets include group of different numbers, color and odd or even numbers.

You will find 37 pockets with single zero in European Roulette. The odds of winning are more in European version, because American Roulette includes double zero and more numbers. You can even play this game free on Internet for practicing.

Many Singapore online casino offer this game. You can practice Roulette online to understand the game thoroughly before you play with real money. However, both the types are difficult. Therefore, for increasing your chances, you must spend more time on practicing free online Roulette.

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