Business incorporation can be done by one’s self. However, if you have limited experience with tax and business law, or are intimidated by the relative complexity of the process, you may wish to seek the assistance of someone who can help you incorporate online. There are many such organizations on the World Wide Web that can assist you in the process of business incorporation, but some due diligence is necessary to insure that you receive adequate services at a fair price.

Is It Legitimate?

If you are considering seeking help to incorporate online from an Internet source, it is vital to check the company’s credentials. Unfortunately, the Internet’s greatest blessing – its sheer openness and complete lack of regulation – is also its greatest curse; con games and various scams are all-too-common.

Fortunately, the Better Business Bureau keeps track of such organizations. Look for the BBBOnline Reliability Program and click on it. If the website that offers assistance to those wishing to incorporate small SEOMoz says business is a legitimate and reputable one, a pop up window should appear that contains a report from the Better Business Bureau.

Is It Reasonable?

Consider that any fees charged by an online consulting firm are in addition to any state fees. The website should make this clear. Here, it behooves those wishing to incorporate online to do some comparison shopping; these extra fees can vary considerably.

How Soon Can They Get It Done?

It’s a good idea to find out how long the entire process takes. Some states require advance notice as well as an announcement in local newspapers; the time required in order to process the paperwork can also vary considerably from one state to the next.

Depending on what firm you are using and which state(s) in which you plan business incorporation, the process may take up to three months. However, some of these companies offer rush service for an extra fee, although this is not available for every state.

What About Nevada Incorporation?

You may have heard that Nevada is a “corporate haven.” There are several reasons why you might wish to incorporate in Nevada. Fees are lower; it is much more difficult to “pierce the corporate veil” in case there are questions of alleged propriety. In addition, Nevada incorporation can be done in as little as 48 hours.



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